To be honest, I hate it when websites update and smash a bunch of things together.. =,=

Now for the checking-out-of-the-new-update-to-see-what-else-has-been-changed-and/or-screwed-up.

The drop down menu.. *clicks "CometShard"* Tiny avatar.. Thats going to bug the crap out of me for some reason.... xD Writing seems a bit on the small side, though I dont have a problem reading it.. The icons for options such as "New Entry", "Settings", etc., seem a bit on the small side as well.. I dont particularly like the "Help" icon. I dont know why, though.. That "Logout" button may cause problems if its been moved.. Oh, good. The logout button is still under "Services Used" as well as "CometShard" for me. Though.. Why do we need two "New Entry" and "Logout" buttons?

All of the writing seems small. I dont like the text size at all. =,=

The Hatena logo seems out of place next to the options, and it seems like it was stuffed there, and had to be resized, as it looks like it was bolded, while the rest are small.

I hate the font theyve used. My god, I hate that font. It might seem unimportant to you, but Ive always disliked that font.

Oh, look. Another drop-down menu. Under the "CometShards Blog" button, in my case.

Thats three "New Entry" buttons.

Two "Comments" buttons.

Two "Access Log" buttons.

Two "Settings" buttons.

Two "Design" buttons.

Two "Manage Entries" buttons.

Two "Subscribe" buttons.

And the search bar is in Japanese. *face palm* We arent exactly stupid, Hatena.. I mean.. Why do we need two of nearly every button?

The Hatena logo also seems like it would be better in a color other than black.

My avatar seems smaller up in the options bar.

Oh god. Whats this "Upgrade to pro" link doing in my access log? Oh, so, you put the link there and now Im denied access to it? What the heck, Hatena? -.-

Oh, wow. Half the Hatena logo is invisible on the Dashboard. It looks like they rounded off the edges to my avatar on the Dashboard, too.

The Hatena Blog logo seems out of focus or fuzzy on the Dashboard as well. *sigh* I dont like this new update at all. =,=

I asked my mum if I could have an email of my own, and she said shell talk it over with my dad sometime. Which could be in a week, tonight, in a month, whatever. She says maybe they can set up a hotmail for me.

I dont know anything about hotmail though. D: Ive used Gmail before, with the chorus, but she doesnt know that.

*sigh* School is in like fifteen days or something. I dont want to start.

Ive discovered that I only have two pairs of pants I actually like, and that are comfortable. That could be a problem, as I seem to have lost the others.

Why am I talking about clothing? .3.

Oh well. //shrugs//

I found this earlier. owo I wanted to put it as my webcam, but I got that little box. =,= AGAIN. My god what is it with me and my dA webcam?


You have to give it a minute or two to get to the right speed, though.

Ive been wanting to try writing a fanfic lately.. xD Ive never attempted one before. I dont know what to write it about, though.. .3.

Screw fanfic, Im just gonna write for now. :3







For gods sake. D: And then you block the person explaining that to you, and now youve got an argument.

Screw him. //rolls eyes// Blocked me too.

But thank you Jermis for telling him I said "Screw you". C: 



"Living up to your username I see." Thats what the second screenshot says. Mmhm. Yeah. Sure. //sarcasm//

Ah well.

I have one and a half commissions done now.. I have Tuffehs Umbreon done, and BlushyBlushys colored Umbreon. BlushyBlushy wanted the colored and shaded Umbreon.. :3

Ill post them here. ^o^

I finally figured out how to do that awesome shading ewe 


Oh, wow. It uploaded twice.

Anyway, this is Tuffs commission. owo

I used this as the thumbnail. 


Eh, its just an MS Paint thing.. I do like how the Umbreon face part came out though. :3

Now for part one of BlushBlushys commission~ 


I used this as the thumb.. 


Yep, again in MS Paint. xD Thats all I have to work with on my computer.

Now. Ive ranted on the update, done some commissions, had an argument, and some other stuff. Now I have to go.

Yeah. xD Ill "go".

Ill be on DeviantART and RES if you need me.

Baiiii! //jumps on Rikuos head, and has her carry me away//